The Socratic Method in Psychotherapy and Counseling
"...Seek 'truths' by your own lights!"
The Socratic Method can be best described as an analytical, philosophical, borderline-confrontational manner in which questions are being asked during therapy. An example might be: "Why do you think I might be asking you this question or why do you think this question is important?"
Socratic Questioning/Method is named after Socrates (Plato was his student). Its main focus is to generate critical, insightful thinking. The generating of complex ideas and deep thought are at the center of the Socratic dialogue.
Socratic dialogue is questioning in which an original question is responded to as if it were an answer. This in turn forces the first questioner to re-formulate a different question.
Questions about the Question
"Sometimes the questions are more complicated than the answers."
One can also get reflective about a question asked, making it another question where the question is turned in on itself:
What was the point of asking that question?

Why do you think I asked this question?

Am I making sense? Why not?
Or: Why does this make sense?
What else might I ask?

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